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Created on 2013-04-12 21:44:18 (#2001263), last updated 2013-04-13 (231 weeks ago)

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Name:Daily Doll
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:A new doll photo a day!
Hello and welcome to Daily Doll! I've created this community as both a mirror for the LiveJournal community [ profile] daily_doll and to make a home for the doll-enthusiasts of Dreamwidth! There are a few rules so please read them over before posting:

1.) Members are allowed one post per day with one photo in it. There should be no text in the body of the post, just your doll's picture. Feel free to have more than one doll in a picture, though!

2.) For the purpose of this community, a doll is defined as a representation of some kind of humanoid (so a satyr or mermaid doll would be okay, but Breyer horses wouldn't be). Dolls with their pets are fine!

3.) When posting, put only your doll's name (or the name you gave the doll, if applicable) in the subject. The company and model of the doll can go in the tags. For example, your subject might be something like 'Isabel' and the tags would look like 'barbie, mattel' (descriptions such as 'brown hair' are not necessary).

4.) Photos submitted to this community should be significantly different from one another: for example, if you took several photos of a doll in a particular outfit with the same backdrop, choose your favorite to post to this community. Originality's the spice of life! (A moderator will issue two warnings for 'similar-type photos' and any continuation of such entries will be removed from the community.)

5.) If there are no available tags appropriate for your doll, comment to your post with the tags you'd like added to the community and a moderator will insert them.

6.) Unless it is NSFW, your image doesn't don't have to be behind a cut; just use common sense about the size. If you post a large image and people complain, we'll probably ask you to shrink it or put it behind a cut. If your picture is NSFW, put it behind a cut with a warning. Directions for making entry cuts can be found here.

7.) If the doll does not belong to you, make sure you ask the owner's permission before posting. Any photos posted to this community should be owned by the person posting them; don't take photos without their original owner's permission.

8.) If your post does not follow the above rules you will be asked to change it. If it doesn't get changed, it will be removed within 24 hours of when the warning was issued.

Now that we've got all the rules and suchlike out of the way, comments to posts are encouraged! Everyone likes to talk about their dolls, right? Feel free to share anything you want in the comments - links to shops, purchasing info, character stories, etc. Everyone loves a bargain, so if you know of decent (reliable) sources to order dolls from, please share! Besides photos, any kind of doll art is also welcome. Be creative!

Your moderators are Sadie ([personal profile] teenythings) and Kalli ([personal profile] sweet_nothings). If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to message either of us!
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